STOLEN SONGBIRD (The Malediction Trilogy #1)


AUTHOR– Danielle L. Jensen

PUBLISHER– Angry Robot


GENRE– Fantasy

PUBLISHED– April 1st, 2014

I cannot stop the world from moving. All I can do is be prepared for when it does.

ABOUT THE BOOK: The Trolls have been bound to their city under a mountain for five centuries due to a witch’s curse. But a prophesy has been spoken that can change everything, the Trolls can be freed by a union which has the power to break the curse.

Cécile de Troyes wished to be a musician until she was kidnapped and taken to the City of Trolls, Trollus where she is bonded to the handsome Troll prince, Tristan. Trolls are powerful and evil and she needs to escape but she finds herself falling in love with with the prince. As time passes within the palace, Cécile becomes involved in the Trollus politics and finds out about a rebellion of which Tristan is a part of.

Will she be able to escape… or will she decide to stay?

MY REVIEW: This book is amazing. I love it and it  truly deserves 4/5 rating. The description of the characters was beautiful. Usually, in many books with more than one point of view, the authors are not able to delineate the different personalities and end up making the point of views of different people similar. However, in this book the point of views of Tristan and Cécile were written fairly. The writing of the author was very appealing and was written with a charisma that will completely engross you. Cécile made a really strong, compelling and beautiful protagonist. Her personality is kind of like the ones who are quite and you don’t notice them until you see them burning the house. And do I even need to explain what I think about Tristan.. I mean it is so obvious, I and everyone who have read the book love his strikingly charming self. It was my exam the next day when I started reading this book and ended up studying nothing because this book was so damn hard to stop reading (Friendly advice: read this book when you have plenty of time because when you once start reading, you won’t be able to stop yourself). Although, I did feel the plot was missing a bit of cognition, albeit it still remained captivating.





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Danielle Jensen

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