Disney Princess Book Tag

Hello Readers, I first saw this tag on YA and Wine and a few days later I was nominated by lovely Dusk Angel Reads. This tag is so fun, I am really excited to do this. SNOW WHITE THIS BOOK STARTED IT ALL Favorite Debut Book From An Author: I am literally in love with the plot and writing... Continue Reading →

The Happiness Tag

Hey Readers! I was tagged by lovely Moira @ For the Lover of Books for this amazing tag. She's really sweet and you guys should definitely check her blog! FIVE THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY Chocolates Music Books Rom-coms Shopping FIVE SONGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi... Continue Reading →

Hey Readers! I was nominated by amazing Chelsea @ Spotlight on Stories. She reviews books, plays, musicals and it's lovely to read them. Go check her blog, it's magnificent! The tag was created by Not-So-Modern-Girl, she has a lovely blog and kudos to her for her stupendous work! This tag is super cool and I am... Continue Reading →

Hello Readers! So, I have been nominated by lovely Sophie @ Blame Chocolate for This or That Book Tag! Thank you for being so generous Sophie! ❤ This sounds like a really fun tag, so if you are reading this, you are nominated. All of you guys are amazing. 😀 Mention the creator of the tag (Ayunda... Continue Reading →

Seven Deadly Sins: Book Tag

  Hey Readers! It had been a long busy week guys, with my finals going on and my keyboard classes, et cetra, et cetra. So, I decided doing a book tag will be a nice change. (Also, this is my first book tag, so don't judge. 😛 ) I have been nominated by lovely Sophie @... Continue Reading →

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